When you are planning on what elements to put in your home page of your website keep this in mind  …

You only get one chance to draw your customer in, this is a foot in the door. The home page is your most important page – this is where you convert your traffic into leads.

Step 1: NB! Your page must load in a few seconds

Step 2: Your Heading must tell your customer in a few seconds what your website is about. This should be a large font (22 – 24 point) in your banner.

Step 3: Your paragraph below your main heading – What do you have to offer?

Step 4: A Call to Action button – This could be a newsletter sign up, request a quote, or free offer. Draw your traffic further into the site.

Step 5: “A picture tells a thousand words ” support your words with a brilliant image that is affiliated to the product or service you offer. Use authentic images. Stock images are over used.

Step 6: Contact details in a visible spot – normally on the top bar of your site and in the footer. Link your email address and make the phone number mobile friendly

Step 7: Testimonials – people love referrals… even better when you put a face and name to the referral

Step 8: Navigation – Make sure your site is easy to navigate. Use primary menus at the top of your page, link your images and word where necessary

Step 9: Partner or Client logos – this makes your company more credible and trustworthy

Step 10: Social Media Likes and Links